The Summer Girls – Mary Alice Monroe

The summer girls.jpg

I love a trilogy – and I absolutely love anything that’s set in beautiful islands or small seaside areas in the USA. So this book was just perfect for me. Set in the lowcountry (geographic and cultural region along South Carolina’s South Coast) it oozes with Southern charm, traditions and beauty.

This book is the first in the Lowcountry Summer series by Mary Alice Monroe – New York Times bestselling author. The series follow three half-sisters and their Grandmother as they discover things about each other and the past that they never knew. Mamaw has written to all three of her Granddaughters encouraging them to visit and stay with her for the three months of the Summer – reuniting the half-sisters who are now much older than the years when they ran across the island as children.

The setting of the house (Sea Breeze) is truly wonderful and will definitely have you sitting out on the porch in your minds eye as you read the pages of this beautiful book. You will want to know more by the time you get to the end of this book and you won’t be disappointed as there are two more to come. I am already more than halfway through the second book so standby for another review soon.

1) The Summer Girls

The Summer Girls

2) The Summer Wind


3) The Summer’s End


4) A Lowcountry Wedding


5) A Lowcountry Christmas (Review coming December 2019)


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