The Summer’s End – Mary Alice Monroe

For my general blog post talking about this series please visit this page! The Summer’s End is the third book in Mary Alice Monroe’s five book series – Lowcountry Summer.


Much as the title says – the Summer has come to an end in book three and this was to be the conclusion to the original ‘trilogy’ which then became five awesome books! Heart-break is spreading across Sullivan’s Island though as the time has come for Sea Breeze to be sold. Emotional transitions are under-way as Mamaw and her three granddaughters face loss and change in their positions in the world. Book three focuses a lot more on Harper and it’s fantastic to learn more about her English upbringing and how her Southern roots are blossoming. We also revisit Dora, Carson and other key characters as finding love and making changes are in abundance on Sullivan’s Island.


1) The Summer Girls

The Summer Girls

2) The Summer Wind


3) The Summer’s End


4) A Lowcountry Wedding


5) A Lowcountry Christmas (Review coming December 2019)


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