September Reading Roundup


This month has been the best month for reading since at least three years. I know I go on about it across my social media platforms, but the end of University has been truly an event to free up time. Doing things without guilt that I should be revising or working on an essay is just such a new feeling. I’m not entirely sure when it will fade away…it hasn’t yet. For me the end of Uni means the beginning of a new journey. Once I get my results, I’ll hopefully be a qualified social worker. I’m lucky enough to already be doing a job that I love so hopefully work wise nothing will change.

So for September I had a goal of reading five advanced reader copies (ARCs) from NetGalley and/or publishers and three books off of the bookshelf (to try and make a dent). I achieved a grand total of thirteen books which I am extremely pleased with! Below is the list of what I have read (no particular order except one was the best and ten was the worst – everything in between is randomly placed! I’ve also indicated Netgalley or other where the books were given to me in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Post Script – Cecelia Ahern
  2. The Beekeeper of Aleppo – Christy Lefteri (Netgalley)
  3. The Guest Cottage – Nancy Thayer
  4. Swimming Lessons (Beach House 2) – Mary Alice Monroe
  5. The Killer Inside – Cass Green (Netgalley)
  6. Truth Hurts – Rebecca Reid (Netgalley)
  7. The Dutch House – Ann Patchett (Netgalley)
  8. The Rumour – Elin Hilderbrand
  9. Lies Lies Lies – Adele Parks (Netgalley)
  10. Her Mother’s Lies – Rona Halsall (Netgalley)
  11. The Empty Nest – Sue Watson (Netgalley)
  12. The Regret – Dan Malakin (The Fiction Cafe Review Group)
  13. I Know Who You Are – Alice Feeney (Netgalley)


lies lies lies

Mid-September I joined Clare Mackintosh’s brand shiny new book group. I absolutely love it when an author starts up a book group – and it’s not just about their books. Clare’s group is exactly that and the first book she has chosen is Lies Lies Lies by Adele Parks. Books are chosen mid-month which is good as it can fit in with existing reading commitments. If you’d like to join head over and check the group out.


THEN – because I was quite excited to have found some amazing book groups, through Clare Mackintosh’s group I found the Low Country Book Club! I really enjoyed mixing up the last of my Summer reads with some psychological thrillers AND of course… Postscript…


This book… I mean it’s the sequel we never knew we needed. You can read more about my thoughts by visiting my review here. 

i know who you are

I read ‘I Know Who You Are’ by Alice Feeney as a buddy read. I’m a member of The Fiction Cafe – Book Club on Facebook and although I’ve been there for sometime I was finally able to get more involved in what the group offers. I have to say it’s brilliant. (Update – since drafting this I’ve now become an admin and it’s EVEN MORE BRILLIANT!) A Buddy Read is when a few people get together and start reading a chosen book at the same time. We use Facebook Messenger to chat in a group and it was really interesting. As you will see, I wasn’t impressed by this book and it’s put me off of reading anything else by the author. Opinions were divided in our Buddy read group but I think the levels of feeling disturbed were equal!

her mother's lies

Her Mother’s Lies by Rona Halsall was another Buddy read. However I was so hooked I steamed ahead and then was so eager for everyone else to discover the plot twists and turns that I had found. I like to try and work out what’s going on in books – but I was following completely the wrong trail with this one.

I’m pretty pleased with this month’s roundup – can’t wait to see what October brings…

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