A Lowcountry Wedding – Mary Alice Monroe


For my general blog post talking about this series please visit this page! A Lowcountry Wedding is the fourth book in Mary Alice Monroe’s five book series – Lowcountry Summer.

Book four and the knowledge that this series is very nearly over! I’m saving the fifth and final book until Christmas though – because it’s along that theme. Wedding season has arrived on Sullivan’s Island and what better setting than the Charleston Lowcountry. This book reveals the biggest secret of all – a secret that not many people knew about at all in fact! Long held family happenings are unearthed as once again, Mamaw and her family are thrown into turmoil. This book could definitely be the most ‘standalone’ out of all of them – it’s a story within itself and there’s lots of explanations as to who people are. A mysterious stranger arrives and I actually felt like the stranger at times – looking in on the family and the wedding preparations. It was an odd feeling not to be fully submerged into the book – not a bad one at all.

The stress of wedding planning, pregnancy, location choosing, dress shopping, romance….even the return of a dolphin! Drama is in abundance and this book felt like a very fitting conclusion (even though there is still one more to go!) It will be interesting to see how book five ends the story and whether it could have been left at book four or not…


1) The Summer Girls

The Summer Girls

2) The Summer Wind


3) The Summer’s End


4) A Lowcountry Wedding


5) A Lowcountry Christmas (Review coming December 2019)

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